The 2019 membership (Jan-Dec 2019) renewal period has now closed.

The 2020 membership renewal period will open on November 1, 2019.

Terms of Membership

  1. Dues are $35.00 per fiscal year and due by January 31st. Payments received after January 31st are $45.00.
  2. MICRA’s fiscal year is January 1st through December 31st based upon Bylaws.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, dues received at or after the state meeting, will be applied to the next fiscal year.
  4. If dues for the current year are not received at least 30 days prior to the state meeting, voting and all other membership privileges will be forfeited, which includes the annual conference fee at the membership rate.
  5. MICRA will collect and maintain membership information as part of servicing your membership.
  6. No member shall actively solicit business from any other member, via use of the directory or through the use of information provided to him/her as a member of the Association. If such actions are identified, membership to MICRA will be forfeited.


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